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Beatitudes in Short

Matthew 5:1-12 is known as the “Sermon on the Mount” or the teaching on the Beatitudes. Have you ever heard o the word “beatitude”? It comes from the latin word “beatus” which is a combination of the word “happy” and the word for “blessed” in latin. Here Jesus is speaking to a crowd of people…

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Psalm 2 | Power

Read Psalm 2… I was in my sophomore year in high school and struggling to keep my mouth shut during class.  I always wanted to say more than I should.  In attempt to get me to comply my teacher, knowing I wanted to get a good grade in the class, began a “demerit” disciplinary system. …

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Psalm 1 | The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Read: Psalm 1 Sometimes I feel like it’s easier to live life in the shadow of sin…  It’s seems easier to not have to mind my thoughts and actions.  It seems easier to profit myself. It seems easier at times to live selfishly.  For me… these thoughts can last about two to three minutes… Then…

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