Family Togetherness & Family Closeness

Just recently I spent some time with my family. The idea for the getaway was to take some time and develop our relationships amongst each other as a nuclear family. We went away for seven days and nights and stayed in an rental home. It was glorious. We played in the pool together, ate too…

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Psalm 25 | Loneliness

Read Psalm 25 I travel to different place all around the world. Mainly it is connected to my work as a Pastor. In my time working in all of these different places I have experienced a great amount of joy… and sorrow. Joy in the way that I have been blessed to meet and make…

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Never Alone

I remember his face looked hardened. Cold at times. Mean. Every time I asked my dad what was wrong with him, my dad looked at me like I was crazy. He said, your uncle Jimmy is a very nice man. I remember saying “I don’t think so dad”! My dad’s warm laugh always made me…

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