Psalm 4 | Hear Me

Read Psalms 4 I remember being 10 years old and playing out on the playground… Do you remember what that was like? I do. I remember the smell of the blacktop, the textures of the worn basketball against my palms and the metal chain of the swings. It was a fun and challenging time in…

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Psalm 3 | Deliver Me

Read: Psalm 3 Middle school is one of the toughest times for students and parents in the United States.   Children are transitioning from kids to young adults and with that change comes the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.  These feelings pour out in various ways to be sure.  One way in particular is when bullying…

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Psalm 25 | Loneliness

Read Psalm 25 I travel to different place all around the world. Mainly it is connected to my work as a Pastor. In my time working in all of these different places I have experienced a great amount of joy… and sorrow. Joy in the way that I have been blessed to meet and make…

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Psalm 2 | Power

Read Psalm 2… I was in my sophomore year in high school and struggling to keep my mouth shut during class.  I always wanted to say more than I should.  In attempt to get me to comply my teacher, knowing I wanted to get a good grade in the class, began a “demerit” disciplinary system. …

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Psalm 1 | The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Read: Psalm 1 Sometimes I feel like it’s easier to live life in the shadow of sin…  It’s seems easier to not have to mind my thoughts and actions.  It seems easier to profit myself. It seems easier at times to live selfishly.  For me… these thoughts can last about two to three minutes… Then…

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