The Intentional Life

How often do I just move through the day without paying attention to what I’m doing?

That question haunts me.


I know I have a limited amount of heart beats my heart will beat.


I know I have a numbered amount of steps I will walk in this life.


I know my mind hands will only write a certain amount of words.


And I know the kisses of my lips have a limit.


It is for this reason I must be intentional. Intentional to live. Intentional to think, to feel. Intentional to love, to hug and kiss the ones I love. The more I journey inward, the more I know these truths.


The world is a distracted place. It offers us an seemingly unlimited supply of distractions. They are all traps… these distractions. They are designed to trap you. This is the trap for the distracted. The intent of the trap? Nothing substantive. They are simply there to distract. There is no meaning in distraction. This is why we feel so empty after scrolling with our thumbs for hours. This is why it feels as though we are tired all the time and have accomplished nothing. This begs the question “How can I become free from the trap/distraction.”


The answer, is intention. Intention through peace, silence and the journey inward. The way out of the trap is through soul. It’s kind of like the old story/movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Instead, I would replace the word “earth” here with “your soul”. Journey to the Center of Your Soul.


Dallas Willard once wrote in “The Renovation of the Heart” of a method of living using the acronym V.I.M. Vision, intention and Means. When we become intentional, we can form an vision for our journey. With this vision we find our intention. With our vision and intention, we assess our means, and then, with our vision, intention and means we set out on the journey.


This is the way to combat the distracted world. Join me on the journey.



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