Psalm 4 | Hear Me

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I remember being 10 years old and playing out on the playground… Do you remember what that was like? I do. I remember the smell of the blacktop, the textures of the worn basketball against my palms and the metal chain of the swings. It was a fun and challenging time in my life.

I also remember the tension that happened amongst other kids on playground This kind of tension was not to be taken lightly. As you know, playing is serious business and is to be taken seriously. To ensure the safe and respectful conduct between those who were playing and those who sought to cause trouble, yard-duty teachers, were employed by the school.

The yard-duty teacher was the person who really knew the kids. They could tell the difference between those who desired to cause harm and those who were reacting to them. I hate to use the term “good kids” and “bad kids”… however, in this case… the yard-duty teacher could tell the difference between the good kids and bad kids.

When the voices of the kids became shrill… when the words “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” became the clear chant… when the one child squared off against another child… the yard-duty teacher crashed in… and offered justice before being sent to the principal’s office.

God does this same thing for his children. He knows the difference between those who are righteous and those pretending to be. You do too. You know the journey of righteousness… it has already been imbedded… imprinted on the human soul. When we choose to go on the journey of righteousness in our lives, God listens, he takes are of…. He hears. He knows the difference between those causing trouble… and those reacting to it.

It is important that we seek out ways to truly love God, from the depths of our heart and from a place of authenticity. When we do this, we can trust the Lord clearly hears our prayers and will provide and protect us.

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