Greeter Training 101

I firmly believe the hospitality of God is the context for spiritual growth. We can show the heart of God to our regular attendees and first-time visitors each week, helping them to see a vision of the Kingdom of God.

Below is a tool I have adapted from one of my Mentors, Hal Seed. This is an easy tool to use to train and practice hospitality with one another but especially with our guests each week.

Before each service at Orchard Community Church, we need to gather 10 min. before the service to 1) pray 2) know our assignment 3) go over the L.I.N.E.U.P. If we can practice these three tasks each week, we will develop a culture that helps new team members to learn our heart toward our congregation and first-time guests.

Every week we want to use this L.I.N.E.U.P. to prayerfully engage people helping them feel welcomed and at home at Orchard Community Church.


L – Look for someone you don’t know.

I – Introduce yourself. (Ask questions to get to know the other person)

N – Never sit alone.

E – Engage in conversation. (Talk to people after the service)

U – Use the Connection Center Tables & Hospitality to give our guests a gift.

P – Practice the 3/10 Rule. (Speak to 3 people you don’t know within 10 min. after



This is a tool that should be covered weekly so that we always have a way to train new people joining our team. Let me know if you have any questions!


Here is a pdf of this post.Greeter Training 101

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