4 Easy Ways to Set Achievable Goals

Everybody on the planet sets goals… albeit, some have loftier agendas than others. Still, people all over the world set goals. 2020 is here and I don’t know about you but for me… I have to set some goals. I have to set goals because there are some things I deeply desires to achieve. These things will be very different from the things which may interest you, but, they may be helpful in helping you identify some meaningful categories to organize your thinking.

Below are four simple ways to think about goal setting for 2020. Now, if you haven’t read up on S.M.A.R.T. Goals, I would encourage you to take a look at that as well. You can read up on S.M.A.R.T. Goals here.

Here are the four ways to set some goals for 2020:

#1 – Think Simply

Don’t overthink it. Think simply. Think about the goals you would like to see yourself achieve that would benefit your life and propel you into the future you desire most for yourself.


#2 – Think in Steps

Try to think about goals in a series of steps. Nothing happens overnight. Things take time and in order to achieve some of your long term goals you may need to take each year in stride. Think of what you may need to do this year in order to help you achieve a goal for next year.


#3 – Consider Some Immediate and Long-term Benefits

When goal planning, consider some things that may bring you joy sooner and later. Maybe there are some goals that are easy for you to achieve and then some that will take you more time. In completing the easier goals, you have the potential to find some motivation for the more difficult goals. I recommend doing both!


#4 – Write them Down & Share Them

Goals are achieved more when they are written down. Writing down goals and sharing them with others make you accountable to others. Accountability can be a positive or negative force in your life. Choose wisely which goals you share publicly but do write down all your goals and share them with some people


I hope this has been helpful for you. Below are some of my goals for 2020.

Assad’s 2020 Goals

  • Invest in “my” people
  • Make my marriage stronger
  • Know my children more
  • Meet 5-10 amazing people
  • Read through the Bible
  • Develop regular meditation time
  • Bible memorization
  • Work on Weight-loss program
  • Become fit
  • Ride bike regularly
  • Blog writing
  • Personal podcast
  • First book
  • Read 12 books
  • Perform 20 weddings
  • Graduate with Doctorate
  • Study the footsteps of Paul
  • Study the footsteps of Jesus
  • Develop discipleship path
  • Disciple 8 men and 4 women
  • Help people meet God in specific ways

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