Motive for Global Missions

As a new follower of I remember having a distinct conversation with God. The conversation sounded something like this “God, I will go anywhere as long as you don’t send me overseas to do any work, especially in Africa… amen.” That conversation stemmed from a place of ignorance, fear, insecurity and obligation. I don’t believe this kind of conversation with God is unique to me. I believe many believers like to give God terms of service per their initial recruitment phase of their contract with God. Therein lies the problem doesn’t it? In much of the discussion amongst mainstream Christians, the issues at the forefront center on the notion that our relationship with God is contractual.

A contractual relationship with God is predicated on the notion that you are in control of the relationship with God and he is not. More mature Christ followers know this to be untrue. However therein lies the issue at the heart of how and why so many Jesus followers are not motivated to go on mission for Christ locally and globally. We simply are immature. We qualify the commands of God in such a way that we build a straw man argument toward relegating them as sideline issues. The Global mission of Christ is not a sideline nor marginal issue. It is far greater than that.

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