Psalm 3 | Deliver Me

Read: Psalm 3

Middle school is one of the toughest times for students and parents in the United States.   Children are transitioning from kids to young adults and with that change comes the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.  These feelings pour out in various ways to be sure.  One way in particular is when bullying begins and cliques form and… you… have… no… tribe.

That feeling of isolation is incredible and through you know you have your family… if you have a family… you still feel lost.  This is particularly true in those moments when someone picks on you and you feel as though you have no defense.

I hate feeling defenseless.  I hate thinking that I don’t hive a way out or hat I need someone else to step in for me.  How about you?

These thoughts are things every person deals with on some level or another.  We all deal with the feeling of helplessness.

After I made it through middle school I remember thinking “I’m glad I don’t have to go through that again.”  Then I had children of my own… who began middle school… and they had bullies of their own.

In these moments I cry out to God asking Him to protect me.  I have thoughts like “where are you God?” or “How can you let this happen to my kid?”  In those moments I find myself despairing and wondering if God will ever show up to defend me.

Then God speaks to me and reminds me that He defends me… and He defends my kids.  He cares about me and He knows how much I need Him.  Regardless of how many enemies or “foes” we may feel come against… God… will be on your side.

The Bible says God is our shield.  The Bible says that we can rest and know that God will care for us during the difficult and great times.  The Bible writer here in Psalm 3 asks God to “break the teeth of the wicked” ….  That’s crazy!  And I like it… if I’m being honest.

I like that I’m not the only one who wants God’s attention and protection… meaning… I bet you’re interested in God caring for you as well and the Psalmist was looking for God to care for him as well.  This truth, this desire… it grasps at something deep in you and I… perhaps it is our need to protected or better said… the need for God to be the protector we’ve always wanted.

The only problem in this scenario is that we don’t always allow God to do the “caring” or “loving” or “protecting”.  We get in His way… why?  I have no idea… do you?

Our God wants us.  He wants you and He wants me and He wants to both know and protects us as we engage Him and the community of God in the Church.  It is so important that we depend on Him this day and the next… it is so important that we allow God to do what He wants to do.. and that is to love and protect you.





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