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I want to help you "________________" . As a believer, father, husband, and pastor, I am uniquely qualified to speak into your life and help align it with your core purposes.

Everyone Has a Story

There are some things we believe about ourselves which feel true only because we have believed them for so long. This was the case for me.

My belief was that my existence didn’t matter. As a teenager I came from a very broken home, and consequently this belief led to self-destructive living. I longed for connection to someone who would reach out to me in my pain. I found that connection in the most unusual place: the very home I had experienced so much pain in. Little did I know I was on a spiritual journey.

After walking into my bedroom as a 17 year old, and finding a bible on my bed, I began to read. What I found in the scriptures was a God who reached out to me in my time of need, and brought me the relationship I had been longing for. I found an unusual and overwhelming peace with God.  About a year later at the probing of a mentor, I knew my place in this world was to be a Pastor at a church. Through the years, my personal passion and professional life has been refined and now I feel called to share the same hope in Jesus I found in the Bible as a teenager. My hope is to teach and lead people in a way that will cause them to live in loving community with each other.

My ultimate desire is to help people lost in the journey of life find their way. To introduce them to the God of the Bible and help them find their passion in life. I hope to achieve these this through sharing my story, training leaders and partnering in the community. I hope you find my site interesting, challenging and ultimately helpful as you navigate this life. Please comment on things that interest you and share with your friends. I look forward to sharing my life and thoughts with you.

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I love inspiring, thinking creatively and helping people experience breakthrough in their lives. I do this by helping churches, and communities. I've spent my entire life taking the deep dive and getting my hands dirty. Along the way, I've found some things really work well for me, and I want to share them with you.